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Patrick Murphy



Lives: Stockholm, Sweden

Professional experience

Senior Level Designer - EA DICE
I'm currently employed as a Senior Level Designer at EA DICE, working on an upcoming title.

Level Designer - Freelance

JULY 2019 - AUGUST 2023

As a freelance designer, I worked as an advisor in a senior and lead capacity on the pre-production of PAYDAY 3, shipped the officially included CS:GO level ‘Breach’ (including a massive overhaul, which I’ve written about here) and developed and released the tabletop wargame RENEGADES as a hobby project (including a box product).

Level Designer - EA DICE

JANUARY 2017 - JUNE 2019

At DICE, I worked on multiplayer levels for Battlefield V and Battlefront 2. On Battlefield V, I had the design responsibility for the Fjell 652 level, taking it from the concept stage to release. Additionally, I designed the airborne mode on the level Rotterdam and, after launch, I contributed to the Firestorm battle royale game mode. For Battlefront 2, I joined the team after the early prototype phase of the Starkiller Base level and was tasked with taking over responsibility for the level by creating a reworked, high quality blockout and seeing it through production until release. I also contributed to the layout of the Yavin IV level and implemented alternate game modes on Starkiller Base.

Level Designer - Starbreeze Studios

MARCH 2013 - NOVEMBER 2016

Working as a level designer at Starbreeze, I was responsible for designing and scripting coop levels for PAYDAY 2. This work began in the middle of production, where I was responsible for a small handful of levels. However, the base game was just the beginning of a very long and popular live service. I helped ship more than a dozen levels over the years, mostly as the sole or primary level designer. The levels are incredibly varied in theme, layout and objectives as experimentation and surprising our player base was strongly encouraged. During this time, I also helped to onboard newer members of the team, helping them to tackle the PAYDAY 2 formula and ship their levels. Similarly, I helped to establish best practices, systems (like the objective system used by virtually all levels since) and new level design mechanics. I was a champion of pursuing radically replayable levels, a topic which I have written about here.


CS:GO Level Contributor - Valve

I designed the Counter Strike Global Offensive level 'Agency' as a hobby project. However, the level was quickly picked up by Valve for inclusion in an operation (a live service season). The map became a fan favourite and would return in 3 later seasons, until being added to the game's permanent map pool (as of writing April 3rd 2022, still is). In addition, I designed the competitively-oriented 'Breach' level, which was also part of the game's map pool in 2019, 2020 and 2022 and was played on-stage during an Intel Extreme Masters Beijing showmatch.



Extensive Knowledge

Frostbite Engine Editor

Source Engine Editor

Diesel Engine Editor

Google Docs Suite

MS Office Suite


Moderate Knowledge
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Video Editing






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